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At work. Noise. Look out the window. Ah, yes. Something to aim the camera at. That time of day. Just go and see. Wander. More about my own memories than what is happening here. Discourse. Anger. Confusion. That time of our lives again. When compassion and rational thought and behavior go on vacation like the rest of our beings. Forget it all. Forget the good and aim for the center.


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  1. Reminds me of the protest I caught in San Jose about a month ago. I was there working for a few days. Early evening, stretched out in the hotel room, reading a book. Noise out the window. Looked out to see a few hundred people marching in front of the Hilton Tower. The convention center is attached as is the parking structure.

    I was content to watch through the window until I saw what started happening with the police. Sheriff’s SUV approached the crowd, sirens screaming, voice on the PA asking for dispersal. Crowd began kicking the truck with a few brave souls jumping on the hood. Sheriffs reversed a few blocks down the road. At that, I grabbed a camera and ran downstairs.

    The crowd in your images appears relatively mellow. The crowd I put myself into was not. Things got violent. Fires started. Police in riot gear moved in.

    It was crazy and I loved it. It gave me the same rush I used to get swimming with a camera at DOH Pipeline. At the end, all it really did was reinforce what I’ve known for a long time. There’s a reason why the work of Hetherington, Nachtwey, Haviv, Addario and others is such a huge draw for me. I totally took the wrong career path.

    The mob demographics were definitely interesting. I’m in San Jose quite a bit these days and am continually surprised while walking the center of the Silicon Valley universe. I don’t know where the participants came from but they were mostly young (25ish) from several different ethnic groups. They were extremely fired up. Only a few Trump supporters took to the street.

    The whole thing lasted about an hour. Helicopters began to hover. Motorcycle police began herding people down the streets and sidewalks. One physically rammed a gawker. Most of the cops were very on edge.

    Good times. Things are going to get weirder for sure.

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      A good protest is based on fear. The more fear the better. PHOTO wise. Protest wise, peace rules. I’ve been punched, kicked, gassed, clubbed and shot at, all at protests. Fun and games.

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