Creative: Thirty-Six/Three

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How great is this? A photo-essay in the mail, in postcard form. Two sets, one a single image and velum cover. The second a full essay. This production is brought to you by Wim Jansen in Hamburg, Germany. “Thirty-Six/Three” is described as “Twelve stories in the period of twelve months each told in twelve photographs.” This kind of thing makes me interested in photography again. A potent little package in print form. Thanks Wim!


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  1. I took a creative writing class in uni, what feels like centuries ago. One of my classmates wrote a brilliant short piece called Dishpig’s Manifesto.

    There’s something about Wim’s 7 pictures (in the second photo) that remind me so much of that piece.

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      And I cheated you out of the other five images! It’s a nice essay. Cool to think of something in sets of 7, or 10, or 12.

  2. Moin from Hamburg, a joy to read that my little cards makes you interested in photography again! Thank you for showing my project on your shifter website! It’s a honor! See you soon somewhere out there!

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  3. I used to go to Staples and get prints done on their business card stock and then cut them to size.
    I also tried using drugstore self serve photolab printers (CVS, Walgreens etc)
    The quality was not what I wanted, but I knew there were going through the mail system so they were going to get scuffed up a bit.

    Do you know how were these printed? I am really interested in printing my works again, in small form.

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      I think they were printed on an inkjet printer on postcard stock. That’s how I print mine as well. I did a post a while back about the printer and paper I use.

  4. Oh yes… Printed on Hahnemühle Paper with a Epson 3880 printer! I love to print my work by myself! Need any further infos please contact me Aaron…! 🙂

    1. Wim,

      I dont have the money to spend on an Epson large format printer.
      I had used a HP Deskjet printer to recently print photo-postcards but the quality was less than nice.
      I am wondering if there is a affordable solution to making decent prints.


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