Creative: The Leica File 32

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Welcome to Central Texas. A place I’ve spent much time. This is from a project titled “Hunting for Food in a Store-Bought World.” Never published. Never seen really. Learned a lot. Got up before the sun. Aimed my trusty Leica. Made a few frames. I have a long, long time family friend to thank for getting access to this story. Anytime there are guns and animals involved people tend to get touchy. Game ranches too. But you have to know the entire story before making judgements. I grew up, part-time, on a ranch, so the idea of shooting for food was normal. When I see stories of inner city children not knowing where hamburger comes from it stops me in my tracks. I shot two or three times total on this project. Made a 12-frame essay.

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      No plans to, at least at the moment. I don’t really seem to do straight photography posts. And I haven’t had a portfolio online for at least ten years.

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      Thanks Dominic,

      Not sure. Haven’t shot much with it. I might do a Paris terror attack post, which on one hand makes me feel strange to use that work for such a purpose, but it would be a good reminder.

    2. I think its a good choice. Speak first hand about what you felt after those attacks being there in Paris. It’s not like you’re talking about someone else’s images. You’re talking about your own images and feelings. Would make a good episode.

      Looking forward to it. 🙂

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