Creative: The Leica File 31

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Let me take you back to Sicily and tell you the backstory of how this image came about and what it inspired me to do. It involves an exotic loaner Leica, fear, three days of free time, an apartment in Palmero, serious street dog issues, serious graffiti issues, a walkable city, responsibility, lack of responsibility, a vague plan, good shoes, the spark of an idea and JUST enough fortitude to see it through. And lots of drinking and eating.(This was back in the day.)

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  1. Great photograph and back-story, Daniel, I really like the Dogs Can’t Read series. Not sure which I’d be more wary of: the dog or the goose! That film has great look.

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  2. Gritty, eye grabbing photo. Great story. Sad to say, I never tried TMax 3200.

    Leica should offer an a la carte option to make the metering arrows for the shutter speed go whatever way you like.

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      That would be great. You could probably have the direction reversed, just like all the Nikon guys did when they switched to Canon in the 90’s.

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