Creative: The Leica File 29

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Religion. Faith. Cold. Rain. Focus. TRI-X. Patience. Exposure. Walking these streets for days. Hunting the puzzle pieces that will gel to form…something. A book, magazine, stack of prints or maybe not. You pray you have enough. Through the kindness of strangers you are given a gift.

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  1. Thanks, Daniel, I really enjoyed both photograph and audio. I totally agree about the Leica rangefinder being limiting or empowering, depending on the circumstances. For reportage, as illustrated by your photograph, it’s just perfect: a people photographer’s camera. I love the Leica M.

    The postman delivered my 22 page ‘Intro’ book today. Small-square book, Proline paper: my icebreaker book for when I’m out shooting. It looks great; perfect for explaining what I’m about with no chance of misunderstanding. I’m really up for more bookmaking.

    With regards to you sending a book back to the people who let you photograph from their balcony, that is a really cool thing to do. I’m sure that they appreciated the gesture and, as you have said before, the gesture will aid other photographers in the future. Pay it forward, photographers.

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      I like to hear that. Up for more bookmaking. It’s addictive. You have been warned. Several times in my career I’ve stumbled into a story in the wake of another photographer who burned bridges and then left town. It’s not nice. A few times I’ve known the photographer. Some act like they care, others just want to build following and don’t care about anyone they photograph. I try not to be one of these folks. I often return to the same places over and over again, so if I burn someone there is a good chance I’m gonna get what’s coming to me.

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