Creative: The Isthmus, Andrew Kaufman

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Ya, so how about an audio book review? Hey, funny you should ask for that. Here’s one. “The Isthmus, A New Path Between the Seas,” is an Andrew Kaufman opus in regard to Panama, the canal, the canal expansion and beyond. This ain’t your normal, arty, artist book. This is a beast, and it represents a body of work that no one else in the world has. A rare thing these days. Ten years of coverage isn’t something commonly seen in the modern photography world, but here it is. If you are an analog fan…this book is for you. Listen to learn more. To go directly to the project use this link.

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  1. Daniel, I can see why Salgado would come to mind. TEN YEARS is a serious amount of dedication and, as you say, the depth of the work shows, even from the few shown on Andrew’s website. Story-driven essays are something that I love: I want to see how people live in parts of the world I will probably never visit, I want captions, information, personal recollections from the photographer – everything! Thanks for the post, I’m going to take a look at this one.


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  2. Hello Dan (& Andrew),
    Just ordered a copy and look forward to seeing it!

    …Haven’t commented in a while but I’ve been enjoying all your posts, thoughts and tidbits as always. Thanks for your time.

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      Hope you had a great summer on the boat. Now time for the great freeze…’s going to be near 100 in Newport today. Congrats on the book.

  3. My copy was waiting for me when I got home from the airport last night. I’ve only had a chance to flip through it. Hoping to have some time over the weekend to go through it in detail. What I’ve seen is awesome.

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