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Red and yellow.

New Mexico, and the

Zia and the tension

and the poverty.

Texans in fringe.

“I made that festival,” she says.

Red and yellow.

New Mexico.

Shave ice cylinders.

Layered up, sugar, water,

colors of the rainbow.

Bubble gum, blue raspberry,

Tiger Blood and banana.

What color is plutonium?

Can you isolate the isotope?

So we all turn red and yellow

before going fallow

as the birdsong ends.

The last drag before the drop

into a half drunk beer. The hiss.

No more music. It stopped.

Long ago.

A flash of white.

Like the sun off tents

at an art fair.

Homemade, self-made,

credit or cash. Cover the fee.

Pull it together to keep

up the act.

Ferni knew, Robbie too.

The porkpie a ruse

to keep a casted shadow

across the eyes of the last

to know it all.

Blistering sun. Metalwork,

glass, wood and ingenuity.

Split the atom and

split the profit.

Intended as lesson, as warning

ultimately permission granted.

Red and yellow.

The four directions.

New Mexico.

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  1. i have read this poem dozens of times. had to let it digest some before commenting.

    despair with tinges of hope – just enough so the despair doesn’t turn hopeless. i looked up the color of plutonium. the question was asked. i wondered, “is it not silver?” one oxide of pu is yellow. atomic energy. its ultimate purpose. what is the color (pretext, facade, excuse for) of plutonium? looked up the zia. the symbol. four of four. the appropriation of it and the land. fallow – dormancy – reddish yellow color. texans in fringe. i was born and live in houston. my wife and i have been looking at nm as a place to live for about 4 years now.

    so much more. maybe i’m reading too much into it. maybe not enough.

    a 10,000+ word essay in much less. impressive. still haven’t digested it all.

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      If I had to pick a color it would be yellow. As in “yellow cake,” used to power the great flash. Oddly enough, this is also a very integral color here in New Mexico

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