Creative: Teaching at The Palm Springs Photo Festival

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That is actually Michelle writing my name over the top of her name.

Back by popular demand, The Palm Springs Photo Festival’s Artist Book-Making Workshop with Michelle Dunn Marsh and myself. We taught this class last year and it went very, very well. In fact I had more than a few people come up and ask if we would teach this class once again. So here we are. Connect 2018.

The real draw here, outside of my sparkling personality and savage wit, is Michelle. Michelle is a top-notch publisher who has worked for Aperture Foundation, Chronicle Books and now has her own imprint at Minor Matters. Let me just list a few of the folks she has worked with. Larry Fink, Candida Hofer, Pieter Hugo, Jim Marshall, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Davidson. Ah ya, she’s a total book badass.

I come in from the self-pub side, with detail and options about small run art books, experiments, using POD systems, etc. I also bring book blanks, of varying size and shape, which students choose from to create their own, real-time, real-world, edition-of-one book maquette. This is really the golden egg. Each student will walk out with a working book maquette, or at least a good start on one. (It’s not a race, and the idea is to experiment, test, tweak, share and learn.) Think prints, glue, scissors, ink, tape and anything else you can think to adhere your ideas to the printed page.

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