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More teaching? Yes. In fact, I’ve got THREE teaching opportunities coming up before the end of 2018. As many of you know, I’ve taken a break from teaching over the past few years, but was asked to return, mostly for Blurb related events, but also found myself thinking about photography workshops once again. A few days ago I posted about a two-day workshop at The Palm Springs Photo Festival 2018, and today I’m posting about my upcoming class at Maine Media in Camden.

Maine is a powerhouse operation offering programs on still photography, book arts and design, filmmaking, writing, travel, etc. It is also based in one of my all time favorite places on planet Earth: Maine.

Like Palm Springs, I’m co-teaching with Michelle Dunn Marsh, but this time with a week-long class to dig deeper into the book arts world. I’ll be bringing book blanks once again and students will be able to spend copious time creating their maquette. I’m also planning on showing short films, case studies, etc., things that will hopefully jar loose the thinking process that often accompanies something as historical and traditional as publishing.

This class will be about editing, sequencing, prints, books, glue, scissors, feedback, reviews, community and also strategy. I’ve been at this long enough to know there really is no right or wrong with publishing/self-publishing. If you make solid work, have a goal and are flexible you can do almost anything you can dream up. Sometimes the most difficult part is determining what it is you truly want to do.

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  1. What I truly want to do. That’s a good question. I want to publish something, that I know. Your fault. I’m new to photography, I’m about 80% into a personal project to get me going creatively. I plan on publishing my project which is 40 pictures total along with my lessons learned. I feel it could help others starting up. But really I want to do it just because I want to try it with no expectations.

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      That’s a healthy approach. I see a lot of folks put artificial pressure to make the perfect book, sell the perfect book and acquire fame from the perfect book. It rarely happens, and what we are left with is a lot of unhappy people. Take your time, have fun and enjoy the process.

  2. Dan, you are an excellent teacher! I enjoyed the crap out of your webinar on storytelling and learned a few things to boot. Mostly it was “oh yeah, I vaguely remember that, it’s important” material, which honestly it’s so important to keep having hammered into my brain.

    We always get distracted by other ways of thinking about stuff, and it’s super valuable to have someone pull us back to basics. In an engaging style, too!

    (Go to Maine, people, if you can, it’ll be worth it!)


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      Thank you! We’ve been branching out into a few topics I really enjoy. Storytelling, photojournalism being two of those. Glad you found something you like. Also commented on your site, and sent to the Blurb team. I need to spend more time there. Damnit. There is so much cool stuff happening!

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