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It’s been a LONG while since I’ve photographed this little bugger. He’s not so little now. I found this print while looking for some sleeves. Just looking at this print brought back so many memories. When he was tiny, and could barely talk, he would scream “Yeeeeeaaaahhhh beeeeaaacccch,” as soon as the car turned and he could see the ocean from his carseat. As he got older I was able to have a bit more fun with him. “You know, my job as your uncle is to bury you once we get there,” I would say. His little eyes would dart with uncertainty. I would just start digging and after the hole was complete he would slunk over and get in. It was awesome, and it was also the moment I made this.

My bud Paul asked if I was making prints these days, and the answer is yes. I always make prints. In fact I make more prints than books, and I make a lot of books. It really to the point where I can’t imagine not printing, and I hold an age-old grudge that if you aren’t printing then you aren’t really a photographer. You might be close but you aren’t quite there yet. Printing requires thought, patience and expense. Try it and you will understand.

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      That’s my style. “Creepy.” It’s a smaller genre but I know you’ve been following.

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