Creative: Sicily B&W with Lorenzo Princi

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As many of you know, the past few years of my creative life have been all about collaboration. In keeping with that trend welcome “Sicily B&W.” A partnership with Lorenzo Princi. These are my images, but Lorenzo is the man of the hour here. Not only did he know about the words, which were pulled from Project Gutenberg, but he also added what only he can do with the design.

What are we doing with this thing? Nothing. Just an experiment. A way of working together, or making us think in new ways. There will be no sales, no follow up, no promotion. Just this brief note and nothing else. We are both on to new projects, but I thought you might enjoy the fruits of the creative brush.

Thanks to Lorenzo for doing what he does.

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  1. I love the middle photograph of stacked newspapers that, collectively, show the (almost) complete photograph. Hadn’t thought of that design gem; thanks.


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  2. Dan
    Your Sicily work is very cool. I tried finding it on Blurb but no luck. Do you have a book? Is it on Amazon?

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      Nope. Made a small book back in 2007, sold quite a few copies, but that’s it and that work isn’t in book form. Maybe at some point…

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