Creative: Serif & Silver

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I’ve written about Serif & Silver before. The brainchild of Nate Matos who is ALWAYS doing really cool things. I just bought the latest edition of the “Quarterly Film Photography Journal.” I’ve said this before, but I simply can’t believe there aren’t more photographers doing this. Matos is a very smart guy, and he’s also a good writer. I enjoy the essays as much as the actual photography. Very poignant stuff. You can buy these babies through his site, and his system is very slick, but you can also find a compendium of all issues here. I think so much of accomplishing something like this is making a plan and then holding fast. I’ve learned that people get hung up on the smallest things, and often times, these small things keep them from making big things. This is not a huge publication, but it’s very well done. Slow, thoughtful, personal.


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