Creative: Serif & Silver Compendium Pryme Edition

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I’ve featured Serif and Silver before, but I wanted to bring your attention to another Nate Matos creation based on a limited edition collection of the publication. The Compendium Pryme Edition. You’ve heard me say this before, but there are plenty of people who could be doing this but don’t. Nate does, and man does he do it well.

Not only is this a limited edition of his wonderful serial publication, but it also coincides with a launch party and exhibition in San Francisco on August 13th. This is how you do it people. You get creative. You make the pubs you want. You sell them if you wish, both a trade version and limited version. You compile a limited edition, sell that and then MOVE ON with your life to live and do it again. You are never going to sustain yourself on this model. Nobody does, but almost nobody in the world sustains themselves on selling their own photography books or pubs, but what this model allows you to do is make YOUR publication on YOUR terms and then get on with your life. With the POD there is no upfront cost. You just put it out in the world, hide and watch.

Nate is a doer. A creator. I follow him on Twitter and think he might just be crazier than me. Maybe. But everyday he shows me something different. Who doesn’t love that? Go forth people, and blaze your own path. And in the meantime, see if you can get your hands on one of these babies.

Power on Nate.

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  1. I’ll miss it … I have to work … and today i missed the chance to participate in a show a friend was doing in Oakland … darn work!!! Anyway, live to participate in the next one (unless she runs out of funds setting up these shows).

  2. Is it getting repetitive if I just keep patting you on the back? Maybe, but what the hell else am I supposed to do when you’re so in line with my current state of mind?!

    Oh, and a friend of mine did a book release at his gallery opening (of the same work) and he basically sold out of the book that day. Very successful model. Especially if you dont want to have a pile of books at your house and actually want them sold.

    1. Post

      Was it a Blurb book or other method? It’s smart. The book is ONE piece of the photographic pie. It should fit with all the other pieces.

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