Creative: Selfie Book, Esben Melbye

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Esben is Danish. Need I say more. This means he’s eccentric, speaks an ancient, impossible to learn or understand language and is prone to bouts of cycling, beer drinking, and wild adventure. You would like him.

I badgered him for years. “Make a book you loser.” (This is my version of the pep talk.) He never did. Until now. And he made something that surprised me. “A Selfish Selflessly Self Absorbed Selfishly Selfie Book.”

Simple. Small. Inexpensive. Smart. And a perfect gateway drug to bookmaking. A lot of us get amped up over bookmaking and get so amped we end up not making anything. That is a sucky strategy, to say the least. So, Esben, who has been shooting and assisting for a long time, could have attempted to create a massive retrospective photobook and could have driven himself insane in the process. Or, he could make something fun, something less stressful and use this device to find his bookmaking sea legs.

This is a Blurb, 7×7, softcover publication. Mixed color and black and black and white. Simple design. Simple typography. You can open it anywhere and start consuming. Humor is sorely overlooked, so I appreciate this aspect as well.

Keep em coming Melbye.

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      Not entirely sure. I would reach out to Esben directly. It may or may not be for sale.

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