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Last week someone wrote a post about a brand using someone’s Instagram image, reposting, then baulking at paying when the artist who create the image went asking. Frankly, it’s a pathetic story but all too real in the photography “business” these days. The genie is out of the bottle so to speak, but when I saw this free sign on the ground I couldn’t help but think about what photography has lost.

The others are random New Mexico moments from the past few days. A panel about living an Interplanetary life. Quite an interesting proposal, and one we need to think about sooner as opposed to later if we continue at our current rate. Personally, I think our species is destined to destroy ourselves, and I don’t think we can stop the momentum. Not to say we don’t take action, but it’s over in my opinion.(Just thought I would cheer you up.) An artist, science writer, director, scientist, author, and cosmologist who all brought tangents to the equation being discussed. What is the single greatest achievement in human history you would share with an extraterrestrial race? Music, art, language, cities, love, ritual? After this panel was over I had to watch 96-episodes of Dukes of Hazard just to balance out my brain. Yeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww.

And then my cold, dark street as I walked home. You don’t have to worry about light pollution in good old New Mexico. Middle of town and it’s DARK. And green.

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  1. Continuing the cheerful theme: we live on a beautiful planet, but I can’t help but think that it would be a better place without us.

    I once emailed photographer Matt Stuart to ask if he was worried about people using his Instagram photographs without permission. He (very kindly) replied that the file sizes he posts are so small that they can’t be used in any meaningful way and so he viewed any reposting as a win-win situation (I’m paraphrasing here).

    New Mexico is dark! You must be able to see the stars.

    1. Post

      I think the world would be way better without us….sadly. And I’m awesome!

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