Creative: San Diego Diary Two

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Ten thousand people. Adobe Max San Diego. And inside the bowels of the convention center is the Blurb booth. This is an interesting show. My second venture to AM. Technology, creativity. I know what you are thinking. “Milnor, how is is possible YOU are at this event?” “Doesn’t your invisible death ray of death of all things technological destroy everything in the building?” Answer number one, it’s my job. Answer number two, I don’t know. I think my death ray only has so much bandwidth.

What going to a show like this means is that I stand at the booth and talk from start to finish. This might not seem like much, but anyone who has ever attended a trade show knows that in some strange way it is WAY harder than it seems. It’s like working out for eight hours. When I’m done I think about living in a snow cave in the Himalayas and never seeing another human, using snow leopards as my only life partners.

The upside is that the people we meet are truly inspiring. A lot of creative, talented folks walking these halls. From all over the world. And many of them are as obsessed with print as we are. Speaking of print. Even at a technology show there is still a emphasis on print. I’ll sum this up by explaining the difference by someone who walks up and wants to show their work via their IG feed on their phone-yes, this happens-and someone who walks up with a magazine and says “Here is my latest project.”

Having said that there is some crazy new tech arriving in the near future. Even though I dream of an unplugged future all of these new things still interesting to me. Adobe is a powerhouse company and they deserve credit for putting this baby together. If you are at Adobe Max come see me at the Blurb booth.

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  1. Dan,
    Respect, I talked recumbent bicycles “science” for 8hrs once in the 90ies on a trade show. I agree, it’s hard work. Keep strong over there. Adobe powers the creatives. A bit pity there’s no competition anymore. Eating out of only one hand is a bit frightening.

    1. Post

      It’s a cool show. I was anchored in the Blurb booth but fun talking to all the young creatives.

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