Creative: Question and Answer 55

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It’s been so long since I’ve done a Q&A that I had to go back and find out what episode I was on. Turns out, 55. The age I am about to encounter. Good grief. What have I accomplished at this point? Not much. Thank you to those who sent questions. I am one man with one opinion. Nothing more.

Pre-Episode: France and Spain update: Bookmaking Class with Raw Society and Sarah Leen:

1. 8:16, X100V?

2. 19:29, How do you get up when it’s cold, overcast and windy?

3. 22:04, What do you use for high-speed internet while on the road?

4. 25:32, What focal lengths frustrate you? And has the classic 35-70mm focal range become stale?

5. 29:53, How did you edit images during your darkroom days? Did you print all of your selects?

6. 35:30, On your Fuji, do you use Provia preset and are you editing RAW with a simple curve? Spot or multi?

7. 39:28, How do you do a book if you are afraid to commit?

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  1. Would love to meet for a Paris photowalk, and although Paris is closer than Santa Fe, it’s still a one way 5,5 hour train ride which is very costly: the downside of European public transport is the price. Of any transport basically. Our fuel price hovers somewhere around the 9-10 USD per US-Gallon over here. And yes I just did the math from EUR to USD and from liter to US-gallon, just for this reply.

    When getting ‘back to film’ three years ago, my first purchase was an N8008s, which is called F801s everywhere outside the US. That thing was awesome but the AF was terrible, so I soon upgraded to an F90x which is even more awesome. Still love my good old trusty Nikon FE with a Voigtlander 40mm most. Nothing beats that. It’s about the same footprint as your FM2T. They’re build on the same base plate.
    I don’t think it’ll ever happen, but sometimes I dream of getting an FM3A, sell everything and anything photo related and use just that with the 40mm Voigt until it dies. But it’ll outlive me for sure.
    Dreams exist.

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      We’ve had subsidized gasoline my entire life. I’m not sure how many Americans realize that but those who travel to Euro learn rather quickly. I”d rather have an expensive train option than no train option. I’ll share a story of trying to take Amtrak from CA to TX. It’s hilarious.

    2. If you need some tools to make hiking photography easier, perhaps the Rollwalk Motorized Shoe can be of help for those who love hiking photography. It is flexible enough and portable enough.
      If you are interested, maybe I can help you apply for sponsorship.

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  2. Amtrak: man oh man! I took it twice a week from NJ to Baltimore for the better part of 2 months! It was less than spectacular. The call from your wife was great and this was in color. New trend?

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  3. Sadly I wont make it this year, but I sure hope I can finally make it to PP 24. It’s always great how many new places you discover everytime. Just got back from Paris this week (train from Switzerland ✔️) and wasn’t even in one place I visited last time.
    Went to check out the Ron Mueck exposition at Fondation Cartier. Unfortunately it ends only a few days before you arrive I think.
    As a bicycle enthusiast that you are, it is also worth checking out the exhibition of Ruth Orkin in the Henri Bresson Foundation ( The way she used her camera as a 17 year old (back in 1938) is impressive with a cheerful touch of humor and lightness.
    Great that you can make it this year and give the opportunity. Wish you lots of fun!

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  4. Yes, cropped formats don’t let you get what 135 did. You answered, in that part of the video, the question about the 100v I’d posed in the previous one. Thanks for that.

    I may have mentioned it before, but my first digital camera was a cropped format D200 (still working) that I mostly put away when the D700 appeared, which was full-frame. That was all the camera I felt I ever needed in this, my later non-pro life. I made nice A3+ prints from it – from both cameras, actually – but the low-light abilities of the D700 were so much better.

    Sadly, the D700 died of a frozen mirror that Nikon won’t repair, at my cost – they simply don’t supply parts anymore – and I’m back to the original D200. This old relic still feels very well made, but has the same kind of flaw as your 100v: wrong format. Too bad. If it’s not for business, not worth spending the money on new bodies for just as long as the D200 lasts. The question, then, becomes how long will I last? I took delivery of a new BenQ SW240 a day or two ago; I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the old man equivalent of buying a stack of LPs. 😉

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  5. Stoked you’ll be in Paris! I’m planning on joining you — do I have to wear a beret or skinny jeans? And I’m thinking I may shoot film, just to avoid any temptations to post on the fly (and risk a flying kick to the head).

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    I think It was 2015 and I wanted to be there in Paris when you were there for showing ‘s The Lost Rolls book.
    Oh man, I was scared to head to the train station and join you and Ron in the French capital.
    Maybe a capital mistake but maybe it will work out 8 years(!) later Dan.
    I will see if I can get my stuff organised. No guaranties. Will let you know.

    Your Q&A 55 was one of the best. Training can yield in superb things. Keep them coming.


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