Creative: Question and Answer 46, Plus Bonus Story

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What happens when you mix cheap rum punch, an unseaworthy vessel, and a sizable swell? Well, listen and find out. I can’t keep giving out these free stories people. Life lessons are costly and I’ve spent most of my nest egg. But there’s more. There is a question-and-answer film in here somewhere, so let’s get to it.

There might be some of what I describe as “tough love” in this film. This isn’t meant to belittle anyone. This is meant to remind us that “great” is rare. “Great” is difficult, so labeling content and subpar work as “great” only works to undermine the entire idea of professionalism. “Great” online is different from “great” in the physical world, and the difference in scale is astounding. I’ve been asked more than a few times “What is great and how do I know when I see it?” Questions like this come from too much time online and not enough time studying the history of your chosen outlet. Knowing photography history isn’t a bad thing. (I can’t believe I have to say this.) Doing research isn’t a bad thing. Giving credit, and building on what has already been done aren’t bad things.

I don’t believe anyone can be world-class behind the camera and world-class in front of the camera. The metric-based “success” of the online world has destroyed our foundation.

1. 7:40, Are you watching World Cup?

2. 9:00, Can you be world-class behind the camera and in front of the camera?

3. 13:28, What is the most important thing you learned in anthropology?

4. 15:45, Did you buy a Leica Q2?

5. 19:19, Can you help me with my Aral Sea project?

6. 21:16, What is my favorite sporting fish?

7. 23:12, What do you mean by content vs photography?

8. 24:49, When do we draw the line on technology? Sony camera?

9. 27:28, How do you feel about those upset by caucasian photographers telling stories about other ethnic communities?

10. 31:31, How do you feel about uninvited photography?

11. 34:02, Can we talk about copyright?

12. 34:22, What is good light? Do you wait?

13. 35:49, Selling prints, can you ever turn it off?

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  1. First 7 minutes, with sympathy puke highlight, mic drop. The rest was just filler, Dan being Q&A Dan, the regulars already knowing what the answers were going to be.

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