Creative: Question and Answer 43

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Okay, fellow human, let’s get it on. One more round of question and answer where you ask me and I tell you no lie. Thank you to those who sent questions, and remember, I’m one guy with one strange opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

1. 3:19, What is my hiking kit in regard to cameras?

2. 10:30, How do you feel about iPhone photography?

3. 15:10, Why birding? Why did you choose that species to be interested in?

4. 17:55, Would you recommend doing an internship at Kodak?

5. 21:45, Who would you recommend for website hosting?

6. 23:45, What pro website stands out to you, and what do you look for in a website?

7. 29:40, Have you ever been on safari?

8. 30:59, Lyme Disease. How bad is it and what is your story?

9. 32:25, Know any good workshops for film shooters?

10. 35:55, Should I approach local businesses or the historical society to do a project or go on my own?

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  1. Thanks for answering. The bird question was mine, too.

    Birding – Went out earlier and got a shot of two big crows perched on top of a roof, one staring intently at the other. Got home, zoomed in on them on the computer, and noticed that the other one was ripping apart a turtle carcass it must have grabbed from the adjacent river.


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