Creative: Question and Answer 40

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I did not intend to do another Question and Answer film until after I returned to New Mexico, but I got slammed with questions, some of which having a time element. One guy, one opinion.

1. 1:36, What do you think of the media?

2. 8:07, How do you stay on track when confronted by a new palette?

3. 11:25, Can you tell us about your binoculars?

4. 13:47, Are your multi-exposures done in camera?

5. 14:56, Did you buy a GoRuck GR1?

6. 16:20, What print projects are you working on?

7. 20:17, Are you going to Paris in the fall?

8. 22:25, Can you give us a Maine birding update?

9. 24:07, How should I document a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood?

10. 27:26, Is Google enough for research?

11. 29:22, Push/Pull/Box Speed?

12. 31:08, Should I get releases?

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  1. I even shoot digital at box speed. Duck Duck Go. I forge releases for selfies. Plastic grocery bags.

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  2. As usual, Billy Bragg is 20 years ahead of the rest of us. Verse 2 of “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward.

    “In the Soviet Union, a scientist is blinded
    By the resumption of nuclear testing and he is reminded
    That Dr Robert Oppenheimer’s optimism fell
    At the first hurdle”

    For your listening pleasure.

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      They knew in 1939 that the purpose of fission was to make a bomb. By 1943, no doubt. Bohr said, “Why on Earth are we doing this?” Oppie thought the world needed to see the result(big boom) to “end all wars.” Oops. Not quite the deterrent they imagined. Go BB! But this story is insanely interesting. And it involves New Mexico so I love all of it.

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