Creative: PSPF Day Three

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Michelle adding my name to the signage…

Today was about one thing. Books. Co-teaching with Michelle Dunn Marsh, we dove into day one of our art book class. I’m lucky to be able to teach with Michelle. The morning session was getting to know the class then I lined up my “self-pub for photographers,” preso and we went at it. Lunch. Relax a minute then back to work. Michelle began to speak and I began to realize I fortunate I am to know her. Her knowledge of books, the editorial process, the printing process, etc. is so far beyond my knowledge I went from being pseudo-instructor to student. I wish all of you could spend a day and a half with her because if you have serious book needs she is the kind of person that can get it done. Our students are great too. Each with a specific need/dream and the focus required to move from idea to print. Tomorrow we lace up the gloves and go at it again, this time with prints. Time to edit, sequence and the begin the mockup process. More later. I’m tired.

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