Creative: Photoville 2018

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I love photography. I’m pretty sure you do too.

I don’t love the industry of photography, and I believe the entire field needs to be rethought, redone and redesigned, but nobody is asking for my opinion. I left photography behind roughly eight years ago and have never looked back. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t like consuming photography, especially when the photography in question has been CURATED. For me, there has been nothing more detrimental to the power of photography than The Internet and Instagram. And as we’ve seen this with, with the departure of the founders, Instagram is now over the abyss. It will not end well, and everyone who poured their fake life into this platform will be left without a chair when the music stops, but I digress. (I predicted this five years ago.) There is so little curation that happens online, and especially with IG, it takes the power of good photography and saps it by flooding the world ubiquitous content that deadens the public’s ability to understand what is good and what is important.

Last week I attended Photoville for the first time, a truly unique event that takes place in New York. Freight containers, lined and stacked, each containing an exhibition. A beer garden, portable exhibition cubes and vendors round out the experience. How often can you experience photography outdoors? It’s fun, and there were some good shows, for sure. Seeing a solid show, edited, curated and then exhibited in a unique way allows for the viewer to forget the rest of the world and JUST be in the moment with the mind of the photographer. There is still plenty of great work being done in the photography world, and Photoville polishes the experience for you. If you get a chance make sure you put this baby on your calendar.

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  1. You know I’m new to all this field of photography and I’m not the type who seeks conformity so I’m oblivious about all the industry “standards”. So far I do what I please and enjoy doing. For IG, I’m on it, share stuff for friends but I don’t follow photographers, even renown ones as I feel it’s just an excuse to throw things out there. All social medias are pretty lame when it comes to art, the problem is not the talent or artists but the narrow minded audience.

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