Creative: Notebook and Journal Report

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You know me. I’ve been journaling daily since 1993 and first started putting pen to paper in elementary school. It’s in my blood. I had my system down. I really did. Same trim size, same brand, for YEARS. Until Blurb came out with their custom journals and notebooks. Now I have a new game to play.

“Air and Water Journal,” by Charlene Winfred. The book I’m currently filling up.

I really love these books. Why? They are personal, filled with my work, or work of others and I can then layer upon layer them. Endless possibilities. So, here is my take with a quick look at how to find them on the software.

Good luck. Godspeed.

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  1. Thanks for the video. I did one of these for my trip last December to Japan. It was great and much more personal for me. These custom notebooks are the foundation for my trips and projects. I also did something like this way back when we went to Uruguay. My favorite size is the 5×8. Perfect for me.

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