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I’ve been keeping a daily journal since 1993. I found a book titled “The Adventures and Misadventures of Peter Beard in Africa,” and from that moment on I was utterly powerless in the face of pen + paper. Still am. In front of me, at this very second, is my journal. So when Blurb said “Hey, we are adding a notebook and journal option to our offering,” I was pleased. What you should know.

You have options. Lots of them. Sizes, covers and also page patterns. Grids, dots, ruled. What I like about all this is that you can make a pretty darn specific journal. I love grids and dots. And I love to mix different options in the same book. And I like to load my journals up with visuals, and then I write or design over those visuals.

Also, a few things to consider. I also design in a “Reward, if found and returned to the owner,” in case I lose the notebook itself. And I also build in the basic date range and location of what the book was filled. “Morocco, 2000,” or “California June 2018-July 2018.” BECAUSE, when you have several hundred old journals and need to find something this is HUGELY important. This sample, by the way, was created by one of the designers at Blurb who is ALWAYS making wonderful publications.

You can find the new options on the welcome screen in Blurb Bookwright. Good luck, happy journaling.

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      I have to say I’m loving the Blurb journal. I’ve been putting some real time in on it and it’s holding up and I love how it writes.

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