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You might know Jeff Larason from his successful program “The Crit House.” Talking about actual photography isn’t that popular on YouTube, which tells you that Jeff is on a very personal mission here. Want to know about a soft release or which presets will make your old barn look like Portra, well, you have endless options. Want to talk about what makes a good image? Crickets. So, thanks to Jeff for fighting the good fight.

If the Crit House wasn’t enough, he’s added a new series about influence. What images impacted us as photographers? What images made us who we are today? He was nice enough to include me in this program. Narrowing down to five was difficult, so this could easily be five OTHER photographers, but I do this this is a list worth knowing. (PS: Look at some of the other names on the interview list.)

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  1. That’s exactly the kind of thing I’d like to watch on YouTube. But does the algorithm suggest it in my feed? Of course not. Probably no money to be made.

    Thanks for this. It looks like a great channel.

    1. Post

      The algo is getting more and more extreme. The last change targeted the most successful YT users. But they know if someone has put all their eggs in the YT basket they will adapt their life and content to fit the new demands. It’s brutal. Me, I knew I was never going to be a YT person.

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