Creative: Morning Festival Journal

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“Friday morning is always about what is left of the people who went big after the sun fell behind the mountain. Voices gone, bad colds, alcohol laden bodies. Survivors of free wine and borrowed spirits. With friends, hair down, just this once, not for another year, untruth heavy whispers we feed ourselves over and over again as we walk further from our youth. Spotlights on the mountain, searching for survivors. Transponders ping as the Earth tilts on its photographic axis once again.”

The shot I tell myself never to take.

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  1. I posted earlier, don’t know where it went, but; I like the selfie, Daniel, and the poetry. You work out, evidently.

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      Yoga. 30 mins a day. That’s it. And lots of time of the bike. Thanks for reading.

  2. I’ve heard of scalability as a concept, but never knew there was a word for it.

    Sharp observation on your part, that it doesn’t work. One of those “obvious in hindsight” deals that’s not obvious at all to most people today.

    I think marketers are using instagram wrong, and that instagram needs to get smarter. I have some ideas, but they’re so evil I won’t say them out loud.

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    2. If instagram was SMART they’d use image recognition software to help ID products.

      Hey, Coca-Cola, do want people to just kinda randomly, generally speaking, see their friends and their friends-friends enjoying Coca-Cola products a little more often? Cross our palms with silver and it could happen! And for an extra fee we might even add a “promoted hashtag” to some of those pictures, so that great picture from that great party magically sprouts #coca-cola and #fun hashtags, when out software spots the can in the photo and correlates it with the #party hashtag the owner put on it.

      Maybe they are doing it now but very quietly, I dunno. It’s sort of obvious, though.

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