Creative: More Blurb Mobile Books

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I can’t stop myself. A new tool. Gotta test it out. Again and again.

I’ve already posted about this new tool from Blurb, but I created more books and thought I’d post about them too. This time a barrage of 7×7, hardcover publications. Simple, just sketches. Books of books and quick ideas. I like to make books like this because there is nothing else quite like putting your work in print. Am I going to really create a book about my Nikon F3 and Zeiss 50mm? No, but it’s nice, and kinda funny, to have this one. But a book about other books or a book about prints, something I’m now thinking about more due to seeing how one of these books, is now become more of a possibility.
Ultimately, with all the other challenges in life, bookmaking is a great escape and just plain fun.

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  1. I like the idea of doing some random books of “nothing”. You know. No real body of work. No balls deep into a subject. Just something light and airy like the snaps we take nowadays so often with our phones. that is why when I saw you talking about this app for the first time I got really excited. Unfortunately I have the feeling I’ll have an iPhone before the app comes out for Android, lol.

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      Anytime you use my name and technology in the same sentence you know it’s going to be funny. Some would say sad, or maybe even pathetic.

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