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Post number three in regard to using MagCloud in support of a Blurb project. ESSAY. My magazine. The poster was a bit of a sleeper product for me. No urge to use these in the past and then I made this one and thought “Why didn’t I do this five years ago?” Not too large. Not too small. Inexpensive and they look incredible tacked up on the wall in the studio. I gave all mine away but did manage to make an image of this baby before it fell through my fingers. I used my poster as a launch party alert. How did you use yours?

Self-publishing, TRUE self-publishing is a somewhat complex endeavor, and the people who do it well come to the table with a full, all encompassing plan. Part of that plan is promotion, so using these MagCloud items to support your Blurb project is a cool and inexpensive way of diversifying your attack plan.

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