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Most of you know FBJ. Jedi, partially deaf former DJ, photographer and man in perpetual motion. From time to time when the warp drive is broken he slows down long enough to print something.(Perhaps based on my shameless hounding of him to do so?) I recently received a package and inside the package was another package, and inside THAT package was what you see here. Loop. This is a Magcloud Digest. One of my all time fav products.

Light, small, nimble and easy on the old pocketbook. If you type “Magcloud Digest” into the search button on this site you will find multiple case studies. Just so you know, when I started in the photography business back in the early 90’s we all wanted to make things like this but to do so required tremendous will, time and expense. NOTHING was easy. Keeping the fire going, hiding from hungry T-Rex and warring with neighboring fur-wearing mongrels took up most of our time.

Loop is a “two-way” publication meaning it is designed to be viewed in both directions. In this case color going one way and black and white going the other. When you get to the center of the publication you spin it around and keep going. Then you get dizzy and pass out. Hopefully.

For anyone who likes music you will also enjoy these images. Actually, even if you don’t like music you will probably still like these images. I actually want to meet the person who hates music. I wanna know them. Love them maybe. If it’s cold enough.

Thanks Flemming….

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  1. I did one of these in color and black and white too but didn’t thought about doing it bi-directional. I just made a “second cover” in the middle that was the beginning of the black and white part and in that way you see it all without having to flip the book. but now that I see this I might have to do a reprint just to try and see how it looks like.
    Thanks for sharing Dan and FBJ

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    2. Hi Erlantz. The flip option works really well, I recommend trying it. It is really fun to study people browsing my mag for the first time and the fun they have when they figure out that they can ‘loop’ it over and over 🙂

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