Creative: Look3 Journal Two

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Slow drain. Residue. Left behind once the images make impact. You can’s unsee, unlearn but what you can do is ignore. And we do, but I’m here to tell you something. Look enough and you can’t ignore, or forget. What comes around. Just when you think you are immune you see something you’ve seen a thousands times and suddenly it cuts you like a prison blade. Unexpected. Never saw it coming.
Walking into the furnace, block by block but your brain is still back there. Still riveted. That’s what good work does. No, no, no, no, no. YES.

On a speed run. Don’t talk to me. I’ve got work to do. Get it in, process then deflect the meaning at someone else. The mind is a mixmaster now. Now what? Now what you gonna do? Go back to your normal life? Ya, probably. But memory is a hard thing to shake.

This make me want to make. Neck tattoos and slow drawl.


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  1. I like this about modern photography.

    We have so many slick, glib photos out there that in a way the really good stuff pops out.

    No. No. No. No. Oh holy shit that’s good.

    Twenty years back, ten, there were a lot fewer pictures and by the time you saw them they were mostly a mild yes. So you didn’t the sudden unexpected slam in the brain.

    1. Post

      The truth is photography is incredibly difficult. Great photography that is. Even for the best practitioners in the world. They miss, they strike out. And then suddenly…a 445 BOMB to center field. You are left mouth apape, staring at the sky. Goosebumps. That’s the feeling we are all after.

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