Creative: Kaweco Sport

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Man I love this pen. Frank Jackson gave it to me. This pen actually makes me excited to write. Anything. So odd. I guess you could say the same about any great piece of equipment. It’s my favorite fountain pen. It leaks a little but not too much. It’s the ONLY pen I have that actually helps with my legibility. You can ALMOST read my writing with this pen if I go REALLY slow and concentrate. Now, I think this pen explodes on planes, so I would pull the ink before air travel, but the canisters are small, affordable. I buy brilliant black and royal blue. Mix it up a bit. Get one. It’s called a Kaweco Sport. I thought for sure it was Japanese but it’s actually German. Mine is green which means it’s environmental which means I’m better than you……


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  1. Interesting to read this and discover the pen is German, so I shall have to look out for one in Munich.

    Years ago in school I used to write with a Double Broad Nib and was heavily into Calligraphy. So much so that my art teacher said I should consider going into sign-writing. It never happened. I should perhaps check out this pen and have a go

  2. I love the piston fill pens like Pelikan and TWSBI, with bottled ink. Parker Quink blue/black is my favorite. There’s something special about writing with a good fojntain pen.

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