Creative: Justin Simenson’s 8×8 Stories

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When I was in Sydney a few weeks ago I was writing in a style that I normally only use for my paper journal. I got a lot of comments from people. You seemed to like it. I think I get the same feeling you were getting when I see and read these books from Justin Simenson. Personal. A journal. Scattered thoughts, suggestions and moments that just end leaving the reader turning the last page and wanting more.
These type books are important because of their size, brevity and perceived informality. However, the seeds they plant are what’s important. After having read these books I found myself at my kitchen table just thinking. Sitting and thinking. Wondering. Thinking about my life, my wife and the time we have together. Today is our 15th anniversary. Perhaps I’m a bit sad. Either way these books make me think, and for that I have to say “Thanks.”

The books are signed, numbered and limited to a run of 20 copies. I love this tact as well. Feels like I’m one of a very limited crew. Yes, I am to blame apparently for these books coming to fruition, but that is a badge I will wear with honor. If you are inclined to buy these you can find them here. And in his own words, here is a recap from Justin.

In his own words….

“The edition of 20 is for several reasons. It is economical; I can buy the whole batch at once and not be out a fortune. It makes them precious; 20 copies is a small number and I know that each one going out has value, hence why I personalize them. It also allows me to move on; Once I make it and sell a few copies I dont push it anymore and create something new, something different.”


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  1. I really like this idea, tried to purchase one but it doesn’t ship to Australia 🙁

    Good luck with the books Justin 🙂

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