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Hey Kids,

Just found this post on the Magcloud blog. As you know, I’ve been using Magcloud for many years and find it the perfect niche tool of my creative life. I typically stick to the magazine, digest and 8×8 square. Not sure I would ever need much else. This post is about how the platform works. The nuts, bolts, ink, paper. Often times the complexity of print-on-demand gets completely and utterly taken for granted because that is what we do these days. We expect. I think this all started when humans put a monkey in orbit. After that it was all downhill.

Take a look and see the Milnor magazine come to life. This is riveting stuff. You will be glued to your screen. Get it? Glued? Okay, I’ll stop. On a serious note I want to say thank you to the fine folks at Magcloud. Doing what they do isn’t easy and it requires meticulous attention to detail. These publications might look like simple things but they rarely ever are. They represent the artist and those who live on the pages. Many, many thanks. Another link to the post here.


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  1. Daniel,
    Your magazine looks sexy.

    I’m thinking about putting together a magazine featuring local artists, writers, and photographers, and just giving it away. It will be my substitute for a business card.

    Can I go to a link and order my own copies of any of your stuff?

    1. Post

      Hey T,

      I don’t have anything for sale. Most of what I’m making now is rehashed old work. I make books and mags all the time, but mostly as sketches and test books so I know what looks like what. The book IS the new business card.

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