Creative: Green Man Taught Me To Walk

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When I first saw this book I asked the author “Who published that?” He looked at me a little funny and said “Blurb.” Oh. Oops. It’s not like I’ve been lurking around Blurb for TEN YEARS at this point. The patterned cover threw me off. And I’m not used to seeing trade books in hardcover, but I quickly fell in love with this look and KNOW at some point I will attempt to steal all that is grand about this book and making something of my own.

But in the meantime, celebrate this baby, another misfit child of the one and only Lorenzo Princi. Speaking of Mr. Princi, you ever notice that while I always showcase people and things new and shiny, I also feature some of the same people over and over and over. The reason is that these people keep making great s%$#. Lorenzo is one of these people. So get used to seeing him here.
I’ve left this book in my house for the past few months and I can say it’s a bit like the flypaper of books. People end up getting stuck to it. They all ask the same thing. “Wow, Blurb doesn’t make books like this right?” Yep, same story. Over and over. And then they find a page they like, turn the book around, then hold it at arms length to show me. How cool is that?

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