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Dad is wearing loafers. Wealthy. The daughter somewhat lost but lives here in Burbank, or nearby, but is struggling to find herself. She wants to be an artist, but doesn’t need to suffer because of the safety net. She’s had two glasses, on daddy, and speaks freely to the strangers next to her who happen to return the favor. She lists her favorite sushi restaurants. The bartender, keeping his options open, probably wondering if he has a chance, agrees with her. In front of dad. The daughter has a neck tattoo, on the back and partially hidden by her hair. Dad and his golfing buddies didn’t approve but she has always been a “free spirit.” She won’t stop talking. Dad leans in and gives her a one arm hug. Protective, like a good a father. “Shut up dad, just shut up.” “She came out from “X” and then finally just moved out full time.” he explains. Translation, he is paying for the apartment. “I got it in my head I wanted to be an actress,” she says. And so it begins. Starlet. And a dad that must be partially in pain. Burbank ain’t Hollywood.

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  1. “At 5am I left her sleeping peacefully in her room. By 6:17am she was dead. At 7:52am Dad finished strong-armed me into agreeing to find her killer.

    On of those god. damned. days.”

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  2. Change actress for painter and the scene perfectly could have happened in a nice restaurant in San Francisco instead of Burbank. Seen things like that myself. Never wrote them down anywhere, but developed the whole story in the same way pretty much inside my head.

    Thank God I’m leaving …

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    2. I’ve been visiting since 2004 and living there for the past (almost) 7 years. I don’t like what I see. I hate where it is going (yup! worst than what it is now) … It’s time for me to go back to Europe, where it seems than being normal it is still an option. For me success is measured in how many REAL friends you have, how much your family loves you, how much you love them, how happy you are with a simple life … That is success in life to me. I don’t need, and don’t want a Ferrari, or live in a $3.5 Mil apartment, or eat in a trendy restaurant just because. I think all that just speak of a big lack of something in your life, could be love, could be humanity, kindness … Whatever it is, it is not my thing. I’m done with the Bay Area douchery and pretentiousness. I’m done with overprice crappy coffee that they wanna sell like the right way of drinking coffee. I’m done with doers, overachievers, that just want to be the next big shot …
      I’m going to miss a lot of things too, but I’ll replace them for better ones hopefully.
      R.I.P. San francisco … R.I.P.

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      I don’t know it well enough to REALLY judge it, but I’ve seen changes just in my little piece of the place. I also keep my ear to the ground regarding news coming out of the Bay Area. It’s amazing to me the detachment you find with the tech oligarchs. They are SO priced out of relationships with the average person, not to mention their employees, and you realized they are so wealthy they have no understanding of life. I’ve also been reading a lot about these folks and that is ever scarier. Addiction teams and teams designed to find ways to make them immortal. You might think I’m joking but I’m not. I put tech guys in the same basket as oil and gas and big pharma.

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