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Issue Two Trade
Issue Two Magazine

I’m not a huge fan of this issue. How is that for a sales pitch?

Yep, I said it. I told you I would be honest about my latest self-pub project. I got excited. I created using what I had in hand, but I also want to remind you, once again, the purpose of my little magazine series. My goal is to get you to do your own. If you buy mine that’s wonderful, but I’d much rather see you with your own line of premium pubs showcasing whatever it is that you do.

Issue Two is about Western Australia, one of my all time favorite places. When I departed Sydney for Perth it was after three weeks of working for Blurb. Sixteen events in fifteen days in three different cities on Australia’s East Coast. I was FRIED. I had difficulty talking. I needed space and quiet. WA was the perfect remedy. I had my Hasselblad and my iPhone. The Blad is still in my bag, but my iPhone will never again be part of a “real” project. There is no novelty about mobile phone photography, and I certainly don’t love what I made with it, but it’s here and it counterbalances the more traditional Blad snaps. Were I to do this story again….Leica and TRI-X. 50mm. The same could be said for everything project I do from here on out.

Okay, the guts, let’s talk guts. Black and white square offset with doubletruck, iPhone images, all shot looking down at what my body and mind had to cross over while traveling that red patch of Earth. The text is straight from the rambling mess that is my journal.

Speaking of journal, one of the things I’ve learned doing this magazine series is just how critical the copy can be. I think it’s one of the things that separates me from the masses of photographers. I love to write. I’m not saying I’m GOOD at it, only that I love it. Which is enough for me. The one page of text I really like in this issue is a page that was typewritten while on a quick trip to Palm Springs. It feels more in line with my style.

I just finished Issue Three and am beginning to work on Issue Four. I’m still learning quite a lot each time out. The focus has already shifted to a more straight photo essay. Minimal copy. But, that will change again and again I’m sure. What has also emerged is the concept of the volumes. Meaning some of my stories are so long they will be covered in installments, OR I might end up doing double issues.

I want to state again how fun this project has been. My wife asked me this morning why I was so possessed by this project. It’s because it feels great to have a cohesive BODY of publications that will eventually represent the last 20+ years of my photographic life. When someone asks about my work it will be a simple process of sending a set of books that represent who I am and what I do. A fluid, real time portfolio that will continue to expand with every project.

You will notice I have not said anything about making money. Could care less. Speaking of this. I was asked yesterday how it was to live with someone who was also a photographer and how that competition has impacted our relationship. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. I’ve never looked at photography as a competition, even when I was working in the news industry where EVERYONE was competitive. I never gave a shit then and I don’t give a shit now. I saw competition turn certain other photographers into lunatics. I saw photographers pay for photographs. I saw photographers pay locals to keep OTHER photographers out of a scene. I’ve seen photographers do all kinds of unsavory things to get images. That’s never been me. I’m WAY too selfish to be competitive.

The same applies to my publishing life. I’m entertaining myself and trying to do good work. Nothing more, nothing less. I figure with taxes, Lyme Disease and The Freak in the White House I’ve got plenty of stressful realities in my life. My publishing is about FUN. So, I deliver Issue Two. Warts and all.

PS: Issues Three and Four are done…..coming soon.

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  1. I’m still holding out for #3 and #4 and will then order a 4 pack bundle. I’m so looking forward to getting a copy and going through them, no doubt generating ideas of how I could consider doing something.

    When I see the first two issues on the Blurb store I love the consistency of the front covers and look of them. They look great together so far

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      Three and Four are done. Probably release them both over next two weeks, or sooner perhaps. Depends on life.

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  2. This issue looks very interesting. Keep up the good work. And yes, this project has me thinking about my own.

    Now, about tools. I know they’re essential but also not that important. I mean, they are and they aren’t. So I’m interested in the typed piece. It looks like from a manual typewriter? Tell us about that.

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      Yes, I was at a coffeeshop in Palm Springs. A cool one run by friends. They do photo exhibitions, the only books they offer for reading were all banned at one time, they have a turntable customers can use and a typewriter for public use as well. So, I typed up this poem, scanned it and added to book. I think this kind of emphemera is fantastic for book design.

  3. I’m fully aware that this goes against what you’re trying to do but any chance of a digital version? The trade costs $10 and the shipping across the Pacific is a whopping $37.

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      At this point no, but that is only because I haven’t given it ANY thought. I should, I really should. Let me get my life in order, much going on but mostly all good, so after that I can create the digital versions. Maybe I’ll add some audio to give folks a little background.

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