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Postcards going out…

I’m trying to make something, create something, write something or print something every single day. Not for any purpose other than making. No attempt to gain fame, audience, following or money. Doodling. Not drooling, DOODLING. Big difference. Both fun but one more productive than the other. I think this kind of work is critical for creative survival in 2017. So much of what creatives are being asked to do is, well, inauthentic to put it lightly, and after a while that kind of work can be destructive to anyone with a soul. I know a few soulless people who power through phony work like a champ but most creatives have some inner fire burning, a fire that can be somewhat easily doused by vapid, commercial assignments.(That might have been redundant, sorry.)

I think this small attempt at honest work, or work for no reason, is key. These pieces are fingerprints, fragments, footsteps and trail markers to where this person might actually be going. If I sound harsh about the industry, or business, it’s because I am. Remember, I’ve been a sounding board for photographers for the past ten years, and the vast majority of stories I hear are not good. In public this is a big no-no. Can’t talk abut this stuff, but behind the scenes EVERYONE is talking about it. Not sure what the solution is. My fear is that we passed the tipping point a long time ago, and things like IG have cemented the idea the world is now centered on content, not photography, and amassing following is far more important than creating good work. That is if you are attempting to play as a professional. If you aren’t, enjoy life, go have fun and just make things.

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  1. amen!

    makes me want to throw my phone out the window… inspirational quote calligraphy and iphone coffee shot memes bright and sparkly clean scrubbed curated content workshops by everyone on how to grow your six figure photo business…

    1. Post

      Or how about seven figures? It’s funny you mention “clean scrubbed, curated content.” It’s 99% of what we see. Most of the good stuff has no chance of running unless the creator does it themselves, which is why I’ve been preaching self-pub for years.

  2. These days are hard for me or maybe for the most people to concentrate on one creative process. In my head I have so many things I want or need to do… Printing my images, making a small book, shooting for my project, doing marketing for my weddings oh wait I need to post some images on instagram…Puhhh wait I need to focus! Concentrate!
    Oh Daniel it makes me is sick sometimes and I get the feeling I need more time! Can I keep up? Maybe I am to slow? Haha… You see the mind is spinning! I am really thankful for your work and giving me hope!
    P.S. Hope it makes sense?
    See you around! Wim

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      We have created a culture based on distraction, focused through a device that will eventually turn out to be the most destructive device the world has ever seen….the smartphone.

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