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Hey Kids,

Okay, let me know what you think of this little trailer. Some of you know Frank Jackson. Some of you know my Dispatches series. For those of you who you know that my interviews are long form, something considered a bit odd in today’s world of everything short, concise, brief or almost nonexistent. I thought it would be interesting to cut trailers for some of these utilizing sound and stills, my favorite blend of multimedia. Let me know what you like, don’t like, etc. What I could do better in terms of the actual film. Transitions, titles, etc. I’m a novice.

Dispatches: Frank Jackson from ShifterMedia on Vimeo.

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  1. I saw it couple days ago on Frank’s Tumblr. The images were a bit different I think. i don’t remember seeing those last ones of him. I thought it was a tease for the full interview.
    Now, if you want to give people a tease, as a promo material to post online to attract people to the actual post, is not a bad idea. I would probably cut the interview in different sections, to give a different segments instead of a long piece of his speech. I think it would make it more dynamic.
    One thing I noticed is that I hear his voice in my right headphone only and yours in my left one …

    When the full interview? 🙂

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      Thanks EB, all taken into consideration. I’m hoping to really dive in over the coming weeks. That’s interesting about headphones, I’m going to try that.

  2. First the idea is fantastic and I love it! Here is what I would change, reduce the Ken Burns Effect a bit. At the beginning I found it a bit distracting and use your own Shifter typo for the text in the trailer. Everything must look the same (books, website, trailer etc..) So only a opinion from someone from Hamburg! 🙂 Keep going!

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  3. I love it and look forward to more, although I imagine that this is a lot of work. Wim has some good points. Watching it reminds me to take more portrait photographs.

    Thanks, Daniel.

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  4. I think the trailer works well as a taster, but I’m with Wim on the effects. That zoom-in-out-slide-up-down thing is pretty obtrusive… done more subtly (less variation in style, smaller degree of zoom / slide) might draw attention to the work without distracting from it? Also, I wonder if a trailer needs the full interview intro narration?

    Frank has such a great speaking style. Even on my tinny laptop speakers, it sounds like he’s right in the room, talking just to me. Looking forward to this one.

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      Thanks, and I agree. When I watch it now I hate it. Too much stuff happening. I have good mics and good recorder, so the sound….is pretty good.

  5. As above, I like the trailer idea but the effects need to be toned down a little. A video like this will be a nice compliment to the usual full audio interviews, which should be left as just pure audio (in my opinion).

    What would I love to see/hear? A follow up interview with Frank! The original was back in 2014 and deserves an update!

    I could listen to you both chat away all day so feel free to make the next one as long as you want! 🙂

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      Okay cool. Thank you. The effects are getting killed, so I am changing those for sure.

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