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How cool is this? Call & Response is a zine collaboration of members of VI. This is a MagCloud 8×8, which you can find here.

How about them in their own words?

A word about VI
Paul Romaniuk
is a dedicated dilettante living an imaginary life in a magical cabin in a mystical forest on a mythical island in the middle of a legendary ocean. His photography depicts this very clearly.
Francis Sullivan
is drawn to the urban and rural landscape that shows signs of interaction with people (keeping a wry sense of humour and a small quietude in his views) through the capture of signage, icons, messages and writings left behind …
Kim Walker
delves into intimate details, colour and space through the lens. Drinking in every little detail with her eyes, she gets lost in the presence of miniature worlds. A stubborn luddite, Kim can’t help the urge to capture an image even if it means using a dumb phone or compact digital.
Mike Zastre
joined Flickr in June 2005. His hometown is Prince George, BC and he currently lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. He is male and taken. His occupation is teacher. You can see lyrics and rhythm and beautiful music in his photographs.
Together …
we live separately in Victoria, BC but meet regularly to share, seek advice, learn, critique and occasionally collaborate on our diverse photographic endeavours.

Why this makes me happy. Collaboration, completion, cohesion, cost-efficient. What are you waiting for?

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  1. hmm. dovetails nicely with our recent email exchange. i have possibilities and people for something like this. wheels spinning and i have a nice long flight in the morning…

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  2. Seconded. Just do it. Contact 1 or more friends and say “let’s make some shit, you and me” and then you have to, and so you’ll finish it, and it’ll be amazing.

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  3. Agreed. For some reason seems that photographers (I’m almost positive other artists too), we tend to want to do everything on our own. Don’t know why. But our daily life is a constant “team work”, from the people you work with to the guy that sells you the groceries, nobody does it alone right? We all need other people for the most basic things in life … Why when it comes to create any type of artistic manifestation we don’t see it that way?
    All rhetorical questions really. I guess I’m just reflecting out loud.
    Thank you Dan.

    See you in SF for the art book fair?

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  4. Thanks for the shout out Dan, much appreciated. We are hard at work on issue #2 – I just sent off the file to MagCloud to get a proof. We’re very excited by this project, and definitely encourage others to get a few people together and start something similar. It’s a great way to get your work out into the world without the overhead of doing a project all on your own.

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      PROOF. Oh yes. Someone not afraid to proof their mag. So basic but so important. Keep me posted when it goes live.

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