Creative: Blurb’s Client Service and Volume Discounts

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I get a lot of questions about this, and I find that many people don’t actually know Blurb supplies these services. What services? I thought you would never ask. Let’s start with Client Services and Volume Order. Say you need a custom quote or a print job with bespoke options. The folks at Client Services walk you through the process and the bid. There are SO MANY people who want to do books on their own, and a volume order is a great way to lower your cost per unit. Make the right book at the right price and you have a very strategic tool in your hands.

Discounts start at ten books, and when you get the 50+ arena the discounts become truly significant. Want more information, click HERE. I’m currently formulating what I can do with volume order. I’d love to do a version of ESSAY, in book form, perhaps a yearly recap, where I do a run of 100 and that’s it. Will I get around to it? No idea.

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