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Magazine. Even the sound of it sets us all in motion. But how do you get the most out of this format? Well, first you have to test it, create with it, experiment with design and then ultimately USE this platform. I’m amazed at all the reasons people come up with for NOT printing their work, but magazine is a great starting point, not to mention it’s affordable, a solid format for portfolio, collaboration and even serial publishing. Have a listen if you have the guts.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with the advice in this one.

    Twice now, we (myself and ten to twelve other local photographers) have got together to do some photography with the goal of capturing Main Street in our town. Nothing gets the group psyched like the idea that we are going to collaborate on a magazine once the shooting is finished. For no other reason than to each have a copy or two of something physical to flip through in the end. Nothing fancy but we get to see a variety of approaches to the same subject and have some fun over a couple days knocking around ideas and pushing the button (which is what is most important IMO). Get out and shoot. And, as you have said – I think it was you – PRINT. YOUR. WORK.

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      It’s a good pressure, and good way to see where you fit in the grand scheme. Also a great editing experiment. Glad it worked for you.

  2. Listening to this I thought of W Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh essay, and his battle to get it published to his standards. Imagine what he could do with print-on-demand! I really like the idea of building a client list and hopefully expanding the print run with subsequent issues. As for collaboration with other photographers… not sure if this would work for me, I’m a loner by nature. For others it may work well, or lead to design conflicts. On the other hand it may be a wonderful way to expand perceptions of what is possible. Probably the latter.


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      In a perfect world you have a designer that gets to use his/her own vision. Photographers have to know “Okay, I’m giving on this situation.” This is what makes it very important to choose the right people. Too many egos and it’s over before it begins.

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