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Don’t get me wrong. I love print. But I also know that “E” books are a very strategic, cost effective tool that is a completely different experience, and if you aren’t making them I will do my best to shame you into breaking the digital ice. In this audio tip I give you six things to think about. Suggestions, urges, quelling of fears and whatever else you want to call it. Like all things you just have to do a test, but before you do listen to this post and bask in the glory of my advanced and brilliant insight…..
This is the way that my long since dead New Mexico project looks on an iPhone. I NEVER thought I would use something like this. Ever. Never. But I use it ALL THE TIME. Again, I have both a print book and magazine that I carry in the field, or used to when this project still had oxygen in its lungs, but I also had the phone, which came in VERY handy with the 18-25 crowd as well as those on airplanes, meetings, etc, who wanted to know what I was working on. As you will see, the E version is comprised of stills, copy and audio clips, a favorite combination of mine. So don’t be a punk like me. Don’t let your project die. Let it live in multiple forms.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    I always enjoy your Blurb Tips feature. Does Blurb offer tools for creating multimedia ebooks or does one need to work with InDesign?

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      Yes we do. If you use Bookwright software to make your book the digital version of the book is being built at the same. All you have to do is design a cover for the Ebook and you are done. You can also add your audio and video if you want to make it different. Let me know if this helps.

  2. Thanks, Daniel. A look behind the scenes of any project is always of interest to me, especially to understand the thinking behind the finished product. Any E Book should surely be a good advertisement for the printed version.


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      Yes, the BTS as it’s known now, is what many people are after. Actually photography…well, that can be downright boring….sadly.

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