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We live in a brave new publishing world. Back in the day I used to spend my years making work then make a SINGLE publication from that work. Nowadays, I make what is needed, deserved or desired. No longer am I hemmed in by tradition. Different books for different markets for different price points. And besides, it’s fun.

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  1. Really useful, Daniel; I particularly like the ‘behind the scenes’ idea: what worked, what didn’t, what made the cut and, importantly, what didn’t and why.

    Multiple formats: I like it.


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  2. Awesome. As always! Gonna chew on this a bit. Weirdly, it makes me kind of want to reach people, which isn’t something that’s been interesting to me for the last few years.

    But that’s how it always is, isn’t it? Sometimes the shot presents itself, and unfolds itself into a whole project and you find you’re obsessively shooting pugs for the next year or whatever. Same thing here, the opportunity to change your way of working just shows up on your doorstep, and everything you think you knew is suddenly the other way around.

    I wouldn’t come to a site named “shifter” if I didn’t dig the seismic shift! Thanks.

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      Yes, Shifter allows for complete and total change of course, which has my name all over it. I’m currently morphing my 240-page mag into something smaller…just for fun.

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