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“Black Mesa” was created using Blurb Bookwright software.

Confused about what software to use when you finally decide to make a Blurb book? Let me help you. I give a short break down of six different options. No official Blurb statement here, just my take on what is what. The important thing is to make books. Now go forth and prosper.

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  1. I’ve probably says this a lot, I dunno.

    I use bookify, the in-browser tool, for sequencing and design of my handmade books. It is awesome. It’s a sketchbook for book design, and I can access my sketches from anywhere on any device. So cool.

    I wish bookwright handled text flows interacting with pictures better. But it’s a thing for making photo books, so.

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      That’s a GREAT use of Bookify. I’ve only used it once. So mired in Bookwright and ID Plugin. And I don’t have any new work, so there’s that….

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