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I met Olivier Vojetta while in Sydney at a Blurb meetup. The “Australian Daily” is 365 thoughts of a Frenchman in Sydney. I hold anyone who completes a “wordy book” in high, high regard. Regardless of whether or not I actually like the book I have to tip my hat to anyone who crosses that final chapter finish line.(I haven’t yet.) In this case I like the book. The Australian Daily feels real and allows me to see Sydney through a filter I hadn’t though of. “But Dan, you aren’t Australian or French?” Yes, true, but observations of the world are open to anyone. The book also has several very keen illustrations, something I LOVE in books of literature. Amazing how they can give the book feel.

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      It’s a cool book. It’s also a book that makes you feel like “Hey, I can do this.”

  1. Beautiful reading and interesting thoughts from a clever mind …
    Illustrator Caroline Bouquet also wrote “Mapping Sydney” a coffee table book , and will launch “Australia Elements” in October ; follow up with Olivier VOJETTA for exhibition and book launch

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