Creative: August Self-Publishing Project, Chapter Seven

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Humans in Wyoming: 500,000
Antelope in Wyoming: 700,000

What more can I say? I’m in heaven, and I’m in love once again. This place does it to me. I don’t have much time, so this is going to be short. Through simply good luck I ran into my dad’s old ranch partner who was, for some reason, expecting me. I spent the entire day with him, near our original ranch property. He worked dogs, doctored bulls and we got some fishing in. In short, it was the perfect day, and an unexpected one at that. This man was as much my father during the ranching years as my actual father. I owe him things like teaching me how to work, getting up early and flyfishing, although mom was the one who actually taught me. I don’t know many people like Juan, and there are fewer and fewer of people like him around. We had some great conversation about The West, the future and the splendor and pain of the present. Much more on this later. And don’t worry you animal folks, that’s a dart gun delivering much need medicine to a sick yearling bull.

Also, this was a ONE lens day. It was SO dusty had I tried to change lenses at high speed on a dune buggy the rest of my trip would have been all about a dusty sensor.

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