Creative: Audio Q&A, Personal vs Professional

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Back with another Audio Q&A, this time covering the idea of personal vs professional. Or perhaps it’s not about “vs” but more about how these two things work hand it hand to create the person you really are. This is a topic I cover a lot during my daily duties, and it’s also a topic I’ve spend much time thinking about over the years. I’ve spent a good deal of time in studios, learning what makes photographers tick.

Get some popcorn and have a listen.

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  1. Good stuff Daniel. I respectfully disagree with the idea that because you are an amateur photographer you aren’t a “photographer.” Of course you are. My reasoning? “Cuz I sez so.” 😉
    peace brother.

  2. Oh btw this podcast sorta reinforces what I’ve observed for years now. The best work by HCB, Kertesz and all the luminaries of the past was work they either did for themselves or did as an amateur before they turned pro

    1. Post

      The best work that 99% of photographers do is personal work. Assignment work, for the most part, is garbage. There are serious exceptions to this, and I can think of many. The other thing is that there are other photographers, a few, who have ZERO interest in ever shooting a picture for themselves. They ONLY shoot for hire, and some of them, even fewer still, manage to make solid work.

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