Creative: Andrew Molitor, San Francisco

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I’ve featured Andrew here before, but he keeps adding to the self-pub mix so I keep featuring him. San Francisco is his latest, or at least the latest to land on my door. There are many things I appreciate about this. First, it’s Blurb, so it makes me look like a genius to the company. “Man, that Milnor guy is pure ROI.” But mostly I like the fact that Andrew takes chances. Not only in the images but the design and the copy. Want to really treat yourself? Read his site. His writing about photography is wonderful. So is the honestly when it comes to reviewing things. Rare, very rare. I see books like this as sketches. Mental drawings spilled out on paper. He shoots, edits, sequences and prints. What more could we want from a photographer? What are you waiting for?

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  1. You can actually buy a copy of this book for yourself, if you like! Right here: (pure ROI, baby) I can’t be bothered to set up to receive funds from blurb, so you’re getting at-cost!

    Thanks, Daniel! It’s always a pleasure to see my stuff show up here! I send you things I think you’ll like, and that I won’t get in trouble for distributing (my wife is a lovely model, but prefers not share her, um, assets, for example)

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  2. Looks great Andrew. Looking forward to the arrival of my ‘free’ copy.

    …..Blurb will be able to pay Milnor for another five minutes on this one. 😉

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      Minus taxes, healthcare and new gas tax, so I probably owe the company at this point.

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      I only do a few pages. People are jaded, they see too much they won’t buy. Not that I care about buying but I would only share a taste. I’ve had people tell me “Oh ya, I know your story,” after seeing four images of a fifty image essay. People are BRAINDEAD most of the time, myself included, and we are getting worse.

  3. Daniel you under estimate my photo book lust sir! I saw four of your images and bought your magazine…..the Milnor gateway drug. 😉

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