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Okay, it lives and breathes. The experimental collaboration with Beyond Clothing and Blurb, in the form of, is alive and well. Remember, this is about promoting understanding through art and dialogue, but this idea can take on nearly any form. The Zine will be where the taste of a story is provided while the site will break out whatever the contributor needs to break out. So think of one as an appetizer and one as the main course, but depending on your point of view either could be the most filling.

Do you have something interesting to say? Do you need amplification for a project or story? Did you make something beautiful? Did you publish a book about something beautiful or interesting and you want to showcase that? Did you create an art piece? Did you create your own collaboration that might be significant to a wider audience? You get my point. There are many ways of getting from a creative Point A to a creative Point B.

As you will see, AG23 is in the beginning stages but it’s time to gather your thoughts if you want to participate, or if you just want to experience the Zine and the site. I submitted a short piece about the game of Go. I found this story to be so fascinating, and I wanted to make sure as many people in my circles knew about it as possible. Yes, I made the images that accompany the story but the story isn’t about my images it’s about the STORY. Yours can be either, both, etc.

Over the next month or so Rick and I will cull through what is submitted and prepare the first issue for print. This will mean he and I will need to meet up in one city or another, still to be determined, so that we can figure out what works best. Just because you don’t end up in one issue does not mean you won’t end up in another.

After we cull the content we will submit to the designer(in Australia) who will then turn the ingredients into a beautiful, powerful visual cake if you will. Then comes the printing. Then comes the packaging. Then comes the shipping. Then comes the feedback.

And let me remind you, we are not looking for a pat on the back here. All of these steps seem simple on the surface but they are not. Not by a long shot. But, we believe this is worth doing and we believe this Zine could lead to some very important connections.

Where will this go? We don’t know. This is about taking a shot, trying something new, seeing what works and ALWAYS leaning forward.

If you think you have something to share then head to the submission portal.

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  1. Ok, so I’m on the AG23 site. I am looking at the About page, because I’m nosy like that.

    There’s an equation there, in a nifty beat up looking font, with subscripts and shit.

    I look at this equation for a moment, and it looks a like either:

    Fuck You, Dan

    or maybe

    Fuck You, DNA

    or maybe both. I don’t really care which, because either one makes me giggle uncontrollably. Because I am THAT GUY.

    1. Post

      You solved the secret code. It’s what I say to myself in the mirror every single day, “F%$# you Dan.” Or sometimes I mix it up with “F%$# me Dan.” Like today when I woke up with six stitches in my right index finger which is caused me to burn eighteen minutes writing this comment with two fingers.

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