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A bit of a departure for me here. A mix of color and black and white as well as content forms. All of this content was made over a thirty-six-hour period but much of that was driving, sleeping, etc. So the bulk of this was made in about four hours. Feels a bit all over the place but that is reflective of my actual, real-life so maybe I’m okay with this. Also shot 4k here which is a total pain but something I’m interested in exploring. I don’t have a 4k monitor yet and my recent monitor acquisition reminds me of my high school typing class. Not good. Being out in the van is what I love to do. Finding stories, telling stories, and just making observations about the world.

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  1. I watched the Liverpool v Chelsea game live. A brilliant end to end game and full of drama, no doubt it was even more dramatic listening to it on a radio!

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      The commentators are world class, and like cycling, they tend to be a bit on the dramatic side which is fantastic.

  2. Weird to know you were listening to the football match, way out in that arid tundra. I was watching the same game on TV from my home in London, damp and grey. Interestingly, Chelsea’s owner, thought to be a Putin club member, has just put the club up for sale…4 Billion £, if you’re interested. Liverpool is owned by an American. Some of our Premier league clubs are owned by less that savoury characters.
    Unfortunately, the BBC is constantly being undermined by the British Government, a term I use lightly. In ‘Trump lite’ fashion they are trying to cut their budget and often refuse to supply contributors to some of the BBC’s political analysis programming. it’s a regrettable situation. However, the BBC on the whole is probably the most reliable source of news. In 2022 one dispairs that large societies of people are being fed “alternative facts” …with all the avenues of information available to us, the truth is so often shunted into the sidings.
    Great video BTW…..I only know New mexico from Breaking bad and Better call Saul. It’s nice to see the topography sans men in yellow jumpsuits 🙂

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      I love the fact that we can put New Mexico, futbol and the BBC in one note. Shows how connected we are. And yes, a fair swath of the public here loves their alternative facts. I spoke with a friend yesterday who blamed Biden for things that started fifty years ago. We had a civil call and laughed at and with each other but that is just pure crazy. He wouldn’t admit that this ideology was flawed because he’s so far down the party line he can’t see straight. At some point, something will give.

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